Less noise.Higher standards.A new way of living.

At AG&RG INVEST, we are motivated by the idea of creating unique spaces, which are both versatile and functional, as well as elegant and memorable. This is a complex task that forces us to respond to more demanding market expectations, while simultaneously taking advantage of this context to create new spaces with meaning. Besides offering sobriety and elegance, we tried to eliminate the unnecessary noise we felt in previous apartments. How often do we complain about the constant lack of storage space? Or of unwillingly being part of our neighbours’ universe? Not to mention, of course, the frustrating permeability of windows capable of absorbing not only noise but also the four seasons of the year. For the ABADE 101 building design we wanted to remove the obstacles we encountered along the way. With the highest standards; so that jumping from house to house stops being an option. 

Designed to last.

Our mission is simple: to create spaces of excellence that combine a sustainable vision with the most rigorous standards of design and functionality. Noteworthy apartments that, at first glance, stand out for their architectural quality but which, when observed in detail, combine key factors such as insulation, energy efficiency, acoustics, safety or good maintenance. And if the spaces where we liveshape the way we live, the quality of the ABADE 101 building will naturally find its way into an improved quality of life for its users. With so much going on on a daily basis, our commitment is to make your apartment the least of your worries.